Don’t soak your nuts…!

I didn’t think I’d ever indulge in a plate of cheesy nachos again.

RAW vegan nachos?? Really?

You’d be surprised. I didn’t expect them to live up to any memory of my fatty food days gone by- surely raw vegan savoury food can’t taste indulgent, cheesy and filling? Hells yeah it can!

I’d spotted a few recipes online that said to make the “meat” soak some walnuts. On my first attempt I wasn’t concentrating at all and accidently soaked pecans. Dee came home and asked whether we were going to be attempting some kind of raw pecan pie and I found out I’d wasted at least 3 hours of ‘soaking time’ (guys, you never get this back!).  Yeah, I had nutting left to do (Dee’s joke input) but make a  no-recipe pumpkin pie (the pecans made a great base). Ok, so this time it was definitely walnuts I had on to soak. But now… I actually couldn’t re-find find the recipe that had said to do this!

My advice: Don’t soak your nuts – it makes the mixture way too wet. 

For the “meat” I used:

1 cup of soaked walnuts (plus ½ cup of unsoaked walnuts in a desperate attempt to ‘dry out’ the mix)

1 tomato

1 tbs of harissa paste (it was pretty mild – add more/less to your taste…go on add 2tbs for some spicy goodness!)

1 tsp of cayenne pepper

Salt and pepper

*I think there was something else but I honestly can’t remember, sorry – fail!

I made guacamole:

1 avocado

1 clove of garlic

1 tbs of cashew cheese

Salt and pepper

I made a spicy salsa:

1 – 2 tomatoes

1 red chilli

I spring onion stalk

Salt and pepper

And now the cheating part:

Lazy and wanting a quick fix I bought Gluten free flat bread from the shop. I cut it into triangles, drizzled it with olive oil, added some vegan cheese and a bit of salt and (don’t judge me) I grilled the chips…

No one’s perfect are they?

The perfect part was our nachos – they were actually amazing if I do say so myself! The grilled chips were naughty but their warmth with the slightly melted cheese made the whole dish seem just like the real thing…only a million times better! Yum!


We also had to go to a family picnic recently and I tried this recipe from This Rawsome Life for peanut butter and coconut cups. The bottom part was amazing and my aunty and uncle both asked me to email through the recipe! I still haven’t mastered the chocolate part because it always tastes so bitter when I make it and, thinking I know best, I keep adding agave to sweeten it. But strangely enough once it sets and it’s so sweet and the chocolate is kind of syrupy. Maybe I should try to follow an actual chocolate recipe next time?

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